Since 1982, LIFT-UP has been a grassroots organization born out of the meaningful and genuine mission to help others in our neighboring towns survive hardship:  lifting up those in need! 


LIFT-UP's name is an acronym derived from the words "Life-Inter-Faith-Team-On-Unemployment-Poverty." Learn more about our history.


We are a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing humanitarian essentials while creating a bridge to personal empowerment and self-reliance..


LIFT-UP has a dedicated staff of about 9, a committed board of directors consisting of 9 generous and energetic individuals from all over the Valley.  LIFT-UP is fortunate to be blessed with multitudes of donors, sponsors and volunteers.  LIFT-UP is honored to have over 130 regular volunteers for its pantry alone!  Three of our food pantries are run by volunteers!   It is with this team and its continued efforts that help make sure no one in our valley goes hungry or in need of humanitarian assistance.


LIFT-UP is a state agency of the USDA, supplying commodities and senior commodities to those who apply and qualify.  


We offer several programs around the year, from humanitarian assistance to holiday help to USDA commodities (TEFAP and CSFP).  Help of any kind is welcome!


Our Happenings section shows a listing of year-round events and news.