Donations can be made:



BASIC NEEDS refers to food & water, shelter and clothing. We assist thousands of homeless, jobless and hungry individuals & families. Everything we do of service stays right here in our valley.


Donations arrive as food (see list of specific food items), money (for routine purchase of food items for distribution), or time (volunteering, organizing food drives, etc).

Food Donations

Here is a list of appropriate food items to donate; food always needed on our shelves:



Canned Tuna

Canned Salmon

Canned Chicken

Canned Soup

Dried and Canned beans

Canned Chili

Canned Beef Stew

Peanut Butter




Crackers (Regular or Whole Grain)

All types of Pasta

Cereal (low sugar/high fiber)

Rice (white or brown)

Macaroni and Cheese


Donors are people who can give a dollar, ten dollars, a thousand dollars, or more!  Everything gets put directly toward helping our neighbors...the money stays in our valley to help enable the mission of our non-profit organization.

You can Donate!


Sponsors & Supporters

we are so grateful to a long list of sponsors and supporters! These amazing individuals and organizations help us raise funds, help us raise the awareness radar of what LIFT-UP does to help make sure people in our valley are fed. 

You can be a Sponsor or Supporter!



LIFT-UP relies heavily on volunteer support. We are in need of Extended Table volunteers year-round.  Three of our food pantries are also solely run by volunteers.  Without our volunteers we would not be able to effectively supply what our clients need.


We are lucky to have organizations from corporations such as Aspen Skiing Co to Girl Scouts to The Baguettes and more, help us with our operations.  It is a gratifying endeavor to help people in need!

You can Volunteer!