$4-a-Day Challenge
Hunger is year round

Hunger is a year-round reality for many in our valley and beyond (not just during the holidays)!

  1. All food and beverages purchased and consumed during the week of your challenge (including dining out) must stay within the $4 daily budget

  2. Food that is given to you or you already have at home must be allocated within the budget

  3. Keep track of receipts on food spending

  4. Take notes and post on the LIFT-UP Facebook page and your social media

  5. Invite friends and co-workers to join you on the Challenge

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Eat for one week on a SNAP budget! SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (previously Food Stamps). $4.15 is the national allocation of funds for SNAP recipients.


The $4-ad-Day Challenge is a fun and educational opportunity for all of us to see how we can stretch our food budgets, plan ahead for shopping, sales and meal prep with a goal of cost-efficiency while making healthy food choices. Participants will find themselves forced to make food shopping choices on a limited budget, and learn how difficult it is to avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods and stay healthy.


  • HOW MUCH  YOU SPEND normally for a week’s worth of food & eating out.

  • DONATING THE DIFFERENCE to LIFT-UP to help us feed our neighbors in need!

  • Plan your weekly meals & snacks ahead – preparing in advance will help you know what you need and also help you put leftovers to good use.

  • Use store circulars and go online to look for coupons, sales & specials.

  • Sign up for Store discount/membership cards at the grocery store.

  • Don’t go to the store hungry, so eat before you go shopping.

Breads & Grains

  • look for bargains in day-old

  • Buy regular brown rice & old-fashioned oats to save money and consume less sugar, salt & calories

Meats & Beans

  • Dried beans & peas are good sources of protein & fiber. They can last up to a year or more without spoiling.

  • Canned tuna packed in water is an inexpensive protein choice.

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